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• You have the option of selecting your own door handles to be included on the cabinet. Have it noted on the order and send your handles to the factory and we will install them for you.

• Be sure to install the thermometer probe into a wine bottle filled with water. This will assure the unit is accurately measuring liquid temperature.

• The cabinets are designed to cool to a maximum of 50°F or 30°F cooler than the ambient temperature of the room. The units will operate as necessary to maintain temperature and humidity.

• Create a detailed layout of your home and the path movers will take, making sure doorways and corners are large enough to get through for the final placement of the unit.

• Make sure the flooring is sturdy enough to handle the weight of a fully loaded cabinet, which can be substantial.

• The moving company hired to install your cabinet is the responsibility of the distributor. Work closely with your distributor to avoid incurring additional moving costs.

• The cabinet needs adequate ventilation in order to cool effectively. Open rooms provide the best ventilation.

• The units operate best if they are filled to a minimum of 75% of their capacity.

• We believe the QT Series to be the quietest cabinets available, however, the motor will produce some noise. If noise is an issue, please observe one in operation to gain an appreciation for its noise level.

• Upon receiving your order, the company will send you an owner’s manual. Please review it immediately so you can prepare for the unit’s arrival and set up.

• There are many considerations that have to be made in order to receive the best performance results from your Vinothèque cabinet:

• You will need to take into account that the weight of the unit fully loaded with wine bottles can be‚Ä®substantial, as bottles weigh roughly 3 pounds each.


• The unit will run continually during the initial cool down period when the wine has first been introduced to the cabinet. After that, the cooling unit will run as needed in order to maintain optimal relative humidity levels and a precise temperature, based on the ambient temperature.

• For QT System only: If the unit is placed on a hard surface such as tile or hardwood floors, it is recommended that you place a small piece of carpeting underneath the cabinet to prevent noise from echoing against the hard surface.

• Although we believe that our QT and WhisperKOOL systems are the quietest cooling units available for cabinets in the industry, they do produce a nominal amount of noise. It is comparable to the noise a refrigerator emits during normal operation, though the cooling unit may operate more often. Keep this in mind when placing the unit.

• The cabinets are designed to maintain relative humidity between 50 and 70%. This is accomplished through the design and engineering of the cooling systems. There are no special controls for this function.