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The Reserve Series


Vinothéque's Reserve Series represent a perfect blend of refined technology and artisan workmanship.  As a result, our cabinets are sophisticated, self contained wine storage solutions that serve as refined functional extensions to your furniture and decor. Whether you have an empty closet or an unused corner, we have a cabinet to fit your needs. Like our Estate Series, most cabinets in this series come with display racks, LED lights, the platinum series controller. These wine cabinets are made to order, so allow about six weeks to eight for delivery. Whether you’re looking for a cellar for your home, restaurant, or hotel, you’ll appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of the Reserve Wine Cabinets Series.




The Windsor represents a return to the days when quality and pride in manufacturing were paramount. This beautiful wine cabinet features full-length window doors and mahogany universal racking to hold and display a wide variety of bottle styles. Custom carved corbels adorn the doors and moldings. This cellar features the Advanced QT cooling system and tinted windows with UV protection. This model holds approximately 400 bottles.






Luxor is designed to create the most attractive wine bottle display in any dining area. The Luxor provides an elegant and refined frame for wine bottles with LED lighting on all of its display rows showcasing your collection with power and class. By displaying your wine in the dining area, you offer a visual trigger to encourage your customer to purchase more wine. Vinotheque Cabinets are equipped with UV-protected glass for long-term display and storage of your most precious bottles.





Bay Window Cabinet

Bay Window

This cabinet provides a creative wine storage solution, maximizing wine storage space while minimizing cabinet footprint and overall space requirements. With three full-length glass bay window doors this wine cabinet will beautifully showcase your collection.





Connoisseur Corner

Connoisseur Corner

This cabinet provides a creative wine storage solution, maximizing wine storage space while minimizing cabinet footprint and overall space requirements. This unique six door wine cabinet is designed to fit into a corner taking advantage of space that is often not usable. In addition to its excellent wine storage capacity, this cabinet looks great and provides distinct “V-Shaped” display racking behind two center glass doors.





Bella Vista

Elegance and affordability come together to create this truly unique full-length window door style. Each cabinet is handcrafted from Cherry wood with glazed distressing offering its own uniqueness.
The Vintage View racking will hold all of the traditional sized bottles as well as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. The flexible designs create stunning visual displays that incorporate a modern and
forward thinking aesthetic coupled with the benefits of prompt bottle recognition, open airflow and competitive storage.




Closet Cabinet

Closet Cabinet

With a Closet Cabinet from Vinotheque, you can turn your unused closet space into a beautiful wine cellar showpieces. Vinotheque Wine Cabinets are modern and stylish yet uniquely functional. They comes with a state of the art WhisperKOOL cooling system, which is the quietest, efficient cooling unit on the market today.