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We’ve made many design enhancements to our high-end cabinets. These improvements make our cabinets stronger, more efficient, higher durability, longer lasting, enhanced operating features, more attractive and easier to install. In addition, we’ve greatly simplified the process of ordering a Estate Series cabinet by integrating most all of the options into standard features. Past options like display racks, LED lights, the platinum series controller, and much more are now standard. You simply select the style, the size, and the color, and you’re ready to order. These wine cabinets are made to order, so allow about six weeks to eight for delivery. Whether you’re looking for a cellar for your home, restaurant, or hotel, you’ll appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of the newly-improved Wine Cabinets Series.


  • The height of all Estate Series cabinets has been optimized at 80 inches. This height maximizes bottle capacity based on the foot print (floor space) needed for the cabinet. It makes delivery and set up more manageable while minimizing the potential for freight damage.


  • Our Estate Series Cabinets storage capacity ranges from 240 to 460 bottles and includes  bulk storage for those unique bottles. The width of each size had been modified to maximize the capacity of bottle storage without wasting space. All cabinet styles are available in 3 and 4 door credenzas.

Structural Integrity

  • The doors, frame, and base of the cabinet are now made with LVL wood that is specifically engineered for superior strength and durability in cool, damp environments. This is especially important for regions with high humidity where the dewpoint is very low, which can cause water accumulation. The LVL wood ensures the long-term structural integrity of your wine storage cabinet for years of reliability.

Door Seals

  • Our Cabinets have been enhanced with a center column and independent door seals. This assures the most efficient door seal to keep the cool air in and the warm air out. Typically, independent door seals require a center channel which takes away valuable racking space. Our design offers structural integrity to the cabinet with the center channel which is cleverly integrated to avoid wasting precious racking space.

Pedestal Design

  • Our New Pedestal Design is a major advancement in cabinetry design which offers numerous benefits. The top and bottom of the cabinet are extended with an enhanced frame to be flush with the doors. A new hinging system sits atop this frame to hold the doors in place without excessive pressure on the base of the cabinet. These hinges include re-enforcement brackets on the doors to prevent cracks and damage. They offer zero clearance door opening for built in applications. This design offers superior longevity in use at restaurants and hotels where wear and tear can be excessive. This pedestal design also offers superior structural integrity for attaching crown and base moldings. With the firm support of the pedestal, the molding is much less likely to incur damage during delivery or from moving the cabinet around in your home or business.


  • Racking is one of the most important but often overlooked options for wine storage. There is a balance between maximizing bottle storage and having the flexibility of storing a variety of the new size bottles that wineries routinely introduce to enhance their packaging. Through years of listening to our customers needs, we believe our new Progressive plus racking offers the best solution to meet these challenges. The inside slots are 3.5 inch wide progressive racking, tailored to hold your Bordeaux, Chardonnay, or tapered bottles. On the outside, we have progressively wider racking at 3.75 inches for your larger pinot noir or champagne bottles, but these racks will still hold a smaller Bordeaux bottle very securely. At the bottom of the cabinet we have 8 inches of bulk storage for magnums and splits, special wine boxes, anything oversized that you want to store in the cabinet.

Display Row:

  • The option of adding a display row to the cabinet has been so popular; we are including it with every cabinet. This enhancement allows you to view your favorite wines without having to handle them. We are including LED lighting as part of this enhancement which shows cases the wines and cabinet. A second and third row display option is available.


  • LED lights are included On the Estate series cabinets. LED lighting is growing more popularity based on the simple fact that they are efficient; do not emit heat and have a significant longer life. We have included these lights at the top Inside of the cabinet and above the display row.

Cooling Unit Options:

  • QT Cooling system:

    Our QT system, which is the most advanced, quietest, cooling unit for wine cabinets on the market today. We utilize bronze colored cold-plate evaporators to absorb heat from inside the cabinet and discharge it to the outside. the system Is designed to maintian the optimum temperature and humidity for storing and aging wines.

    Our new Platinum series control system offers a number of performance enhancements which assure efficient operation and longevity.

    • The platinum series has a number of different sensors that help keep your unit from icing or running too hot. There is a humidity enhancement feature which allows you to adjust humidity if needed
    • The controller also comes with a liquid temperature probe, which accurately measures the temperature of the wine, rather than the temperature of the air in the cabinet. This cools your wine more accurately and more efficiently.
    • Temperature equalizer. The QT system incorporates a unique temperature equalizer system that recirculates the air inside the cabinet keeping the wine temperature extremely consistent.
    • Condensate evaporator. excess condensate which can accumulate during operation is effectively evaporated outside of the unit for clean operation.
    • Ventilation Plus. This is a new feature which incorporates a strategically located air flow enhancement system to keep heat from building up at the condenser due to poor ventilation which compromises the efficiency of the system.
  • WhisperKOOL 2500:


    The WhisperKOOL 2500 cooling unit offers the latest technology from WhisperKOOL. Specifically designed for optimum performance in wine cabinets, this unit offers the new Platinum series control system with advanced system protection technology and digital display. This technology features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes which assure efficient performance. The control panel is simple to operate and offers options such as adjustable humidity control, energy saving modes, quick chill mode, an anti-frost function, and a number of easy to understand trouble shooting alarms should a simple issue like a clogged condenser filter occur. The WhisperKOOL 2500 cabinet cooling system has a 30° degree (F) temperature differential and sustains a 55° degree environment in external temperatures up to 85°F. The unit draws air into the cooling unit from the rear and has top venting exhaust, allowing the cabinet to be placed near the wall. The unit draws air into the cooling unit from the rear and has top venting exhaust, allowing the cabinet to be placed near the wall.

    • Digital control system
    • Advanced system protection technology
    • Adjustable humidity levels
    • Energy Saver / quick chill functions
    • Anti-frost feature
    • Top venting exhaust


  • Some of our units have some beautiful, subtle glazing and distressing to give them the high-end furniture look that enhances any environment.


  • The windows are dual pane, and they are made of UV resistant glass to protect your wine from ambient light.

Door Knobs and Locks

  • Door knobs are a new feature with these cabinets. The reasoning for replacing the old style handles with knobs is twofold. Knobs are a simple, clean look. Handles can add or detract from the look and feel of the cabinet. The right style handle is a very personal choice for many of our customers. When standard handles are added at the factory, the customer is limited to the size handles they can add after the fact. By utilizing knobs, only one hole Is drilled. Now the customer can select any size handle and have it installed utilizing the existing hole for one end of the handle and drilling one hole at any point for the other side of the handle. NOTE: the customer always has the option of sending in their own handles to be mounted at the factory, however please let us know that this is to be done at the time of order.

  • Locks are included in case you want to secure the cabinet.


  • Vinotheque offers a five year warranty on the structural integrity of the wine cabinet, and a two year warranty on the cooling unit, with a five year warranty on the compressor only.

  • All Vinotheque wine cellars and WhisperKOOL cooling units are made here in the USA in Stockton, CA. Most other wine cabinets are made overseas in China and France. It’s nice to know that when you purchase a Vinotheque, you’re supporting our workforce and American families.

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