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To assure the best performance from your Vinothèque wine cabinet, the doors must seal properly in order to prevent cool air from escaping. Check the alignment of the doors before filling it with bottles of wine.

The doors are aligned at the factory and no additional door alignment is needed for Credenzas.

If adjustments are necessary, compensate for this problem by adjusting the two front and/or outside legs. The high side of the cabinet should be adjusted down while the low side should be adjusted up. Rock the unit side-to-side as it may aid the adjustment.

On single-door units, as you face the cabinet, check to see if the door is higher than the cabinet on one side. If the door is angled lower than the cabinet, slightly raise the side to which it is leaning.


Once you have completed the leveling process, check the unit to determine whether the doors are flush and sealing properly.