Knobs and Locks

Door knobs are a new feature with these cabinets. The reasoning for replacing the old style handles with knobs is twofold. Knobs are a simple, clean look. Handles can add or detract from the look and feel of the cabinet. The right style handle is a very personal choice for many of our customers. When standard handles are added at the factory, the customer is limited to the size handles they can add after the fact. by utilizing knobs, only one hole Is drilled. Now the customer can select any size handle and have it installed utilizing the existing hole for one end of the handle and drilling one hole at any point for the other side of the handle. NOTE: the customer always has the option of sending in their own handles to be mounted at the factory, however please let us know that this is to be done at the time of order. Locks are included in case you want to secure the cabinet.