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Any Idea Can Become Reality

We offer a range of options to help you create a truly unique wine cabinet. Custom cabinets can be original or built off of an existing cabinet design. Some of our most common style features are outlined below

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Commercial Use

Visual stimulation leads to an emotional response. Showcasing your wines in a Vinotheque will inspire your customers to enjoy wines in appreciation of the finer things in life.

Commercial grade, temperature controlled Wine Cabinets that feature 120° hinge system which will withstand repeated open and closing of a retail environment.

Installation Services

Our professional Delivery and Installation team are experienced with custom installations. Our design team work closely with our delivery team to insure that every installation will come out as great as the cabinet itself.

CAD Process

Vinotheque designers will create CAD drawings that include details and dimensions of your custom wine cabinet. Within one week of our initial consultation and your final design selections, we will send you a CAD drawing for review.

Vinotheque provides wood finish samples and shop drawings within days of receiving your CAD drawing approval. Upon approval of the wood samples and shop drawings, we will begin the formal production process for your wine cabinet, which typically takes six to eight weeks. We will work with you throughout the production to verify size and final fit, handle and lock selections, wood stain match, secure installation, and electrical requirements.



Wineries develop unique bottle sizes and designs that can be difficult to store without proper planning. We offer a range of racking options to accommodate various bottle sizes and styles. Our wooden racking can be made in many different formats to accommodate different bottle sizes. We also offer Vintage View racking for a stylish way to showcase all of your wines.
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An alternative to traditional racking, the Vintage View system embodies utility and style. Make your wine collection stand out by displaying the labels. Vintage View racking provides approximately 30% - 50% more bottle capacity compared to traditional wood racking. Learn more...

Vinotheque cabinets can also come with sliding racks to easily access and view many of your bottles at the same time.

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We offer LED lighting in our cabinets as an option. It works well with display racking and when added to the inside perimeter of the cabinet, it makes the cabinet stand out as a show piece. The lighting color is a bright white.


Side Displays

The Display Cabinets creates a usable centerpiece that make your cellar more than just a wine storage cabinet. One of the main benefits of it is that it gives people a place to store their decanters and wine glasses. It also is a great place to store your wine enthusiast books and other wine related items.
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Custom Stain Matching

Our skilled craftsmen can match any stain color. Submit a swatch of the stain you would like match and we will work with you until we created the perfect match. It is that easy.


Exotic Wood Types

Exotic wood inlays offer great examples of nature’s incredible beauty. We have the ability to apply a variety of inlays into any design and in some cases have completely wrapped cabinets with these exotic veneers. We can source any specific inlay as requested as long as it is currently available.
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Wall Units

When the architectural opportunity presents itself, wall units are a space-saving solution. Without intruding into the valuable floor space, you gain storage (always a good thing!) and create an effect that gives the area a “must be part of the original house” feel. Your space is unique, let us help to make the most of it! Our wall unit cabinets offer beautiful, functional solutions made to the finest furniture quality.


Multiple Cabinets

In many cases, a client will ask us to put together a series of cabinets across an entire wall of their home, restaurant or hotel. In some cases we will design two or more cabinets of the same design, but we can also vary the size and design of the cabinets to create a unique wall piece that expresses your passion for wine.

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Credenzas are very popular with many of our clients. We have numerous options to customize the look of credenzas utilizing moldings and granite inlays. We ask our clients to source the name of the granite they like by going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and look at the samples available there. We then source that material through one of our granite suppliers locally.


We Can Build Anything

Vinotheque offers our clients the opportunity to design a custom cabinet to meet their individual needs. Whether it is a simple distressed piece or an entire wall unit, we have the ability to create something very special for the connoisseurs wine collection. Contact one of our wine cellar design specialists to assist with designing your cabinet.

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